Pediatric Osteopathy

It is my deep passion to give even the youngest children the best possible start in life. Immediately after the birth, the mother is often asked how she is doing and how the birth went. However, it is just as important to consider the considerable forces acting on the newborn during a vaginal or caesarean birth. The continuous contractions cause constant, compressive pressure on the baby’s body. If the baby’s head is not optimally aligned or a necessary turn is not made correctly, the baby has difficulty moving through the birth canal, which often leads to tension. This tension is initially normal, but can lead to problems such as restricted neck mobility, a preferred side to lie on or digestive difficulties.

My work and my heart lie in trusting completely in the abilities of my hands. It fills me with joy to feel the tension and to see how the babies clearly relax. I make a point of showing parents holds, exercises and massage techniques that they can use at home to further promote their child’s well-being.

I strongly recommend that every infant is examined and treated osteopathically in the first few weeks of life. This makes it possible to recognize and treat possible misalignments and tensions early on, before they potentially lead to painful complaints as the child grows. Many problems can be avoided through early intervention, which contributes to healthier development and a happier start in life.

This careful care and preventative treatment is essential to prepare each child for the rest of their life in the best possible way. By intervening at an early stage, we ensure that every child has the best possible chance to develop without restrictions.

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Frequently asked questions about pediatric osteopathy

Osteopathy for babies aims to identify and treat early tension and misalignments that may have developed during birth. This treatment can help to alleviate problems such as digestive problems, preferred lying sides or restricted neck mobility.

Yes, osteopathic treatment is safe and very gentle. It is specially tailored to the needs of infants, using only light and non-invasive techniques.

It is recommended that babies receive an osteopathic examination in the first few weeks after birth. Early treatment can help to identify and treat potential problems before they get worse.

The frequency of treatments depends on your child's individual needs. As a rule, a few sessions are sufficient. After an initial examination, the osteopath will draw up an individual treatment plan.

Osteopathy can actually help to improve the quality of sleep in infants by relieving tension and promoting general wellbeing. This can lead to a calmer and deeper sleep.

Yes, specially developed techniques are used for babies that are particularly gentle and safe. These are designed to gently support the baby's body and promote its natural development.

After an osteopathic treatment, the osteopath can recommend specific exercises and massage techniques that you can do at home to support the effects of the treatment and promote your baby's well-being.

Treatment costs

130,00 €
Duration time 50-60 minutes

Flexible treatment times

A 90 or 120 minute treatment can also be arranged on request

Cancellation of appointment

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. For organizational and economic reasons, I will otherwise have to charge you for the appointment.

Health insurance approval

Due to my full-time training with 4264 teaching hours, many health insurance companies subsidize the treatment costs. Some private health insurance companies and supplementary health insurance companies even cover the costs in full.

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