Osteopathy for children and teens

Childhood and adolescence are phases of life full of movement and growth. During this time, children experience intense physical and psychological changes. I have therefore made it my mission to recognize changes in behaviour or motor skills at an early stage and, if necessary, to treat them osteopathically. My aim is to create optimal conditions for unhindered development.

My specializations in osteopathy for children and adolescents:

Poor posture and scoliosis: I correct poor posture to prevent long-term complaints.
After accidents: I support the healing of injuries caused by sports or car accidents.
Emotional events: I treat physical symptoms that can be triggered by strong emotional experiences.
Tooth and jaw misalignments: I work to correct and provide support to improve overall posture.
Pain and discomfort: I alleviate headaches, stomach aches and growing pains.
Developmental delays: I promote areas such as speech, motor skills, coordination and balance.
Behavioral problems: I support with hyperactivity, withdrawal, bedwetting and anxiety.
Sleep problems and learning difficulties: I improve the quality of sleep and the ability to concentrate.
Health promotion: I strengthen immunity and improve dysfunctions of the eyes and respiratory organs.

My individual approach and comprehensive support

I take the time to look at each child individually and plan bespoke treatment specifically tailored to their needs. From the first consultation, I work closely with parents to ensure the best possible support for their child’s development. I combine traditional osteopathic methods with the latest scientific knowledge.

My collaboration with specialists

To ensure holistic care, I work closely with pediatricians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists. This interdisciplinary collaboration enables me to effectively address the diverse needs of your child and ensure comprehensive support for their health and development.

From the first years of life, I will accompany your child through all the important stages of development and support them in reaching their full potential and leading a healthy life.

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Frequently asked questions about osteopathy for children and teens

Osteopathy can help to treat developmental delays and postural problems in young children at an early stage. We use gentle manual techniques to improve posture and support natural development in order to optimally promote your child's growth and motor development.

Yes, osteopathy is a safe and effective method of treating children. All treatments are individually tailored to the child's age and specific needs. We only use gentle techniques that are tailored to the child's respective developmental stages.

The frequency of treatments may vary on an individual basis, depending on your child's specific needs and symptoms. We usually recommend starting with an initial consultation to create a treatment plan tailored to your child. Further sessions will depend on the child's progress and response to therapy.

Absolutely. Osteopathy can help young people, particularly with sports-related injuries, poor posture and stress-related complaints. We support not only the physical but also the mental health of young people by offering techniques that both promote relaxation and improve physical well-being.

By improving physical well-being and reducing tension and discomfort, osteopathy can help to improve concentration and general well-being. This often leads to a better ability to learn and more success at school.

Yes, we use age-specific techniques that are tailored to the needs of infants, children and teenagers. These techniques are designed to be gentle and safe and take into account the child's stage of development and physical characteristics.

We promote cooperation with pediatricians, occupational and physiotherapists as well as speech therapists to ensure holistic care for your child. This interdisciplinary collaboration supports comprehensive treatment and developmental support, tailored to your child's individual needs.

Treatment costs

130,00 €
Duration time 50-60 minutes

Flexible treatment times

A 90 or 120 minute treatment can also be arranged on request

Cancellation of appointment

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. For organizational and economic reasons, I will otherwise have to charge you for the appointment.

Health insurance approval

Due to my full-time training with 4264 teaching hours, many health insurance companies subsidize the treatment costs. Some private health insurance companies and supplementary health insurance companies even cover the costs in full.

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