Osteopathy for pregnant women

Unfortunately, many women experience various complaints during pregnancy. These range from nausea, back and pelvic pain, pain in the pubic bone area, frequent urge to urinate and feelings of tension in the abdomen to heartburn and water retention. Each trimester brings its own challenges, and it is my declared aim to be at your side during this time in particular. Too often I hear from women that their worries and complaints are dismissed with comments such as “You have to get through it now” or “You’re pregnant, get used to it”.

Birth processes: It is important to understand the natural birth process and the stages of development in the womb in detail in order to alleviate any fears about the birth and upcoming changes.

Hormonal and physical changes: The body undergoes numerous hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy. These can affect both the muscles and the statics and often lead to a feeling of being out of balance.

Support during the trimesters:

In the first trimester, I focus on supporting implantation and ensuring optimal care.
In the second trimester, the focus is on alleviating existing complaints and, if necessary, correcting poor posture.
In the third trimester, the focus is on creating space and preparing the pelvis for the birth.

Collaboration with specialists: I work closely with midwives and breastfeeding consultants to ensure comprehensive care.

From the beginning of your pregnancy to postnatal recovery, I will accompany you through all phases and support you in experiencing this special time as positively as possible.

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Frequently asked questions about osteopathy during pregnancy

Osteopathy aims to alleviate physical complaints during pregnancy. These include nausea, back and pelvic pain and heartburn. We use gentle manual techniques to improve your physical condition and support your well-being to ensure you have a comfortable pregnancy.

Yes, osteopathy is a safe method of support during pregnancy. All treatments are carried out carefully and adapted to the specific needs and conditions of each stage of pregnancy.

The frequency of treatments may vary from person to person. In general, we recommend a consultation at the beginning of your pregnancy to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Further sessions will depend on your symptoms and the progress of your pregnancy.

Absolutely. Osteopathy not only provides support during pregnancy, but also during postnatal recovery. I help you to correct any muscular and static changes that occurred during pregnancy and promote the body's recovery.

By improving your physical condition and optimally preparing your pelvis for the birth, we can reduce your fears of the birth process. My treatments aim to strengthen you physically and emotionally and provide you with detailed information about the birth process.

Yes, I use specific techniques that are tailored to each trimester. In the first trimester we focus on supporting implantation, in the second trimester on relieving discomfort and in the third trimester on preparing the pelvis and creating space for the baby.

I work closely with midwives and breastfeeding consultants to ensure holistic care. This interdisciplinary cooperation ensures comprehensive support during and after your pregnancy.

Treatment costs

130,00 €
Duration time 50-60 minutes

Flexible treatment times

A 90 or 120 minute treatment can also be arranged on request

Cancellation of appointment

Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. For organizational and economic reasons, I will otherwise have to charge you for the appointment.

Health insurance approval

Due to my full-time training with 4264 teaching hours, many health insurance companies subsidize the treatment costs. Some private health insurance companies and supplementary health insurance companies even cover the costs in full.

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